Shelfwiz the brilliant shelftalker

Why Use Eco-Friendly Shelf Holders?

Typically, when you’re organizing things around your home or business, you go for paper or cardboard signs. While this works just fine, for a short while, paper and cardboard can get worn down or torn, and they eventually need to be replaced. Especially for businesses, this can end up wasting a lot of paper and ink. By using Shelftalkers, businesses and individuals can save a lot of time and money.

Cheese Making Made Simple with Sign Holders

Whether you love to bike, knit, cook, or make wine or cheese, your hobbies are what define your personality and take up your spare time. They also have a habit of taking up a lot of room. Cheesemaking is a fun and rewarding hobby, but it also requires some space, especially once your cheese is finished and is ready to be cured. Like a wine cellar, many people keep cold cellars for storing canned goods and other food, and they’re also useful places for food-related hobbies like cheesemaking.

Shelf Tags Perfect for Outdoor Signage

For garden, farms, and outdoor supply stores, it can be hard to keep labels and other signage from succumbing to the rain and wind. Usually, plants and commercial gardens are labeled with permanent plastic signs, or paper signs that need to be replaced often. However, there is another option. Shelftalkers are Plexiglas and aluminum sign holders, but they aren’t permanent. Paper signs can be slipped into the Plexiglas sheath, but the signs themselves can also be attached and detached at will.

Organize Your Spice Cabinets with Shelftalkers

If you love to cook and bake, then you know just how disorganized and messy your spice cabinet can get. If you’re not careful, your cupboards can become a terror of jumbled jars and shakers before you know it. And, when you try to get organized, you forget what shelf you’ve designated for which type of spices and herbs. You can avoid this trouble by correctly labeling your shelves, but don’t use just any label. Just in case you need to rearrange your stock, use Shelfwiz portable sign holders.

Shelf Tags for Liquor Stores

Removable shelf tags are great for inventory that is constantly moved around or shifted, depending on new stock or times of the year. One type of store that fits this category is the liquor store. They are constantly getting new stock, as well as rearranging everything to advertise for stores and events. The problem with liquor stores, however, is that most of their stock is made of glass bottles, and that means that moving everything around is a delicate process.