Bottle shop & retail shelftalkers

shelf talkers for retail, wine and bottle shops

If it’s on a shelf it generally won’t sell itself. A good salesperson can move the process along, but he or she is not always available. SHELFWIZ shelftalkers in a retail environment provide that missing salesperson, and it never gets tired of talking.

Shelftalkers for Bottle Shops

Retailers across the country have used SHELFWIZ shelftalkers to grab their customers’ attention and guide them through the decision-making and purchasing process. And they use SHELFWIZ to tie together a variety of products, with prices, to highlight special promotions or sale items.

Wineries and bottle shops finally have a shelftalker solution that allows them to display industry and staff tasting notes, wine ratings and prices to help their customers find that perfect bottle.

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Shelfwiz Sheet Templates


Use our PDF and Word formatted Shelfwiz Sheet Templates to give your Shelf Talkers a custom look.

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