Creating New Signs Easily Using our Templates

Creating New Signs Easily Using Shelfwiz PDF and Word Templates

You have your new Shelfwiz shelf talkers fresh out the box and are ready to update your store. Here are some easy steps to follow to get started.

1. Make a list

Using a spreadsheet, type out the copy for each sign, with a row for each product. It’s tempting to jump right in and just start printing out labels, but you might find yourself in the midst of chaos very soon. Keeping a list will help everything stay organized and uniform.

It will also allow you to keep track of changes made throughout the year and document what you are doing for anyone else who might be helping with the process. After choosing the words, you may decide to change them later once you see them typed in different fonts, but this is a good place to start.

2. Decide on the style and any graphics needed

What look can you give your signs that will further the goals of your brand? Are you looking for a more formal look or something carefree? The previous post on finding the right style and tone for your signs will help with this step. There are also templates with space for hand writing if you want both. Whatever elements you decide, try to maintain consistency throughout your store for a neater look.

Once you have decided on printed labels, you still have the option of kicking your labels up a notch with some graphics and images. You can employ a graphic designer to create some images or go to, where you can choose and then manage collections of images online. Available in a variety of formats, the images found here represent the largest database of free icons on the web. Free photo resources can be found at, and background images at They have streamlined the process so you don’t have to worry about legalities such as attributions or editing the photos.

3. Create labels using the instructions

Go to the template page and choose an existing template or generate your own by choosing the size of your labels, the attributes you want it to include, the font, and so on. Once you go through those steps, an option to download a PDF or MS Word file will pop up.

Download the appropriate templates, placing them in a separate file on your computer. Then on the left side of the page we mentioned above, under "View Instructions" find the type of label you have: original, original short, etc. Click for instructions; there are many important tips given here.

4. Print out a sample on scratch paper

Things always look different in print. If something doesn’t look right, try changing to a smaller font size. You know how shoes stores always display the smaller sized shoes in a display? The same visual principle applies to font. Just make sure your target audience can still read them. Now you’re ready to print the rest and enjoy your new shelf talkers.

Key Points

Make the most of your new Shelfwiz shelf talkers using this process.

  • Start with a list of the words that will go on each sign to stay organized.
  • Decide on the look you want your signs to have and whether to include graphics.
  • Consistency will keep your store looking neat, no matter what style you decide.
  • Try your template choices out on scratch paper first. Test for style and readability.

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