Shelfwiz the brilliant shelftalker

About us

The bookseller who developed SHELFWIZ hanging sign frames did so to provide a solution to his own frustration at having tattered and worn shelftalkers on the shelves of his bookstore. The aluminum sign holders make an attractive and functional substitute for the paper staff reviews that hang on bookstore shelves. Formerly the owner of The Booksmith of San Francisco, Gary Frank started with the goal to giving his store’s shelftalkers a neater appearance, while also creating a label holder that was easy to read, easy to move from one place to the next, and still gave his customers the option of removing and replacing the books that were in the surrounding area. The aluminum and acrylic shelf talkers that resulted combined the desirable characteristics that made traditional paper shelftalkers such an effective merchandising tool, with those that made them more attractive and functional.

Gary had long ago realized that using shelftalkers to communicate with customers about the books he sold was a great way to increase sales. One of the problems with the shelftalkers was that they quickly became worn and tattered. With SHELFWIZ, the labels are placed inside of an acrylic sign holder, so that the integrity of the paper is kept intact. Also, the brushed aluminum finish on the sign holder is an attractive feature that blends into any décor.

Another problem with paper shelftalkers was their lack of flexibility. They made it difficult for customers to look at books in the areas where the labels were placed, and they were difficult, if not impossible, to move to a new location. SHELFWIZ easily clips onto the shelf, can be flipped up and down to access books, and is simple and easy to move to another shelf.

SHELFWIZ also gives booksellers, librarians and other business owners the flexibility to create their customized shelftalkers using Microsoft Word templates and the perforated sheets that come with your shelfwiz order. Once your order of aluminum sign frames arrives, access the templates at to print the labels you need for each. In addition to providing a better solution for creating shelftalkers for librarians and booksellers, Shelfwiz is also a good option for wine store owners who rely on wine reviews to sell their products.

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