Why do I need Shelfwiz shelf clips?

Items on a shelf, whether in a retail setting, a library or any other environment, sometimes require more explanation than the item itself can provide. There is not always a person available to offer this information to a customer, so Shelfwiz serves as a permanent explainer, reviewer or guide. Customers require this valuable information to help them make choices, and Shelfwiz provides a simple, clear, easy-to-read method to do so.

What makes Shelfwiz shelf clips better than other shelf talker systems on the market?

The Shelfwiz clip’s unique, patented feature is the hinged Plexiglas shelftalker holder that is attached to the clip and can swivel up and out of the way to allow items on the shelf behind it to be easily removed. Once the item is removed, the shelftalker returns to its resting position.

Can I try out a Shelfwiz clip before purchasing?

Yes. Simply fill out the form on our Free Sample page and we will send you the sample you requested and a perforated sheet free of charge.

How do I print my shelftalkers?

Your shelftalkers can be printed on your computer’s printer using either the interactive PDF templates or the MS Word templates on the Templates page on our website. The Word templates will provide you with all the font and color options that are available on Word.

Do I need special paper to print my shelftalkers?

Each dozen shelf clips that you order come with six perforated sheets on which to print your shelftalkers. You can order more perforated sheets on our Order page. Ordinary paper can also be used, but you will have to cut out the shelftalkers yourself.

Is it easy to move a Shelfwiz shelf clip?

Shelfwiz clips utilize a spring-loaded mechanism that allows the clip to be easily released from a shelf and moved to another location.

Will a Shelfwiz clip damage my shelf?

The inner side of both jaws of the clip have a rubber pad that will protect your shelves from damage keep the clip from sliding.

What is the clip made of and what is the finish?

The clip is aluminum and the finish is a matte silver/gray.

Does Shelfwiz accept purchase orders?

Yes, we accept purchase orders from schools and libraries. Please email your purchase order to [email protected]. Please be sure to include the shipping and billing address.

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