Sheets for Shelftalkers
Perforated Paper
$7.50 (per dozen sheets)

There is a SHELFWIZ perforated sheet to match all four SHELFWIZ models: Original, Original Short, Compact and Compact Short.

Perforated sheets now need to be ordered separately and are not included with shelfclip orders.

  • Original Perforated Sheets - $7.50 (per dozen)
  • Original Short Perforated Sheets - $7.50 (per dozen)
  • Compact Perforated Sheets - $7.50 (per dozen)
  • Compact Short Perforated Sheets - $7.50 (per dozen)
Original Perforated Paper - $7
Original Short Perforated Paper - $7
Compact Perforated Paper - $7
Compact Short Perforated Paper - $7

SHELFWIZ perforated sheets, along with the many template options on our website, make creating shelftalkers a breeze. The process is simple: print or handwrite your copy in batches; tear the shelftalkers apart at the perforations; slip the shelftalkers into the SHELFWIZ shelf clips. For booksellers, we also offer PDFs of each month’s American Booksellers Association Indienext picks, which you can simply download and print onto the Original perforated sheets.

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Shelfwiz Sheet Templates


Use our PDF and Word formatted Shelfwiz Sheet Templates to give your Shelf Talkers a custom look.

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