High School Library

Helping High School Students Become More Self-Sufficient in the Library

Carolyn Kinsella, a Librarian at two different high school libraries, uses ShelfWiz shelf talkers to help restore order to a potentially chaotic school library environment. Unhappy with other labeling solutions, she noticed ShelfWiz products mentioned on the listserv of the Illinois School Library Media Association and has been ordering more every year since.

Kinsella uses them to identify titles in a series as well as subjects. Keeping series organized takes constant effort in a library, and the labels help both students who are searching for the books as well as those who are returning them to the shelves. Since ShelfWiz labels come in multiple sizes and the label holders flip up and down, they are more effective than other shelf talkers and allow for better organization. She notes that she gets fewer questions about titles in a series or about where books are located, allowing students to be more self-sufficient.

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