Keeping Long-term Displays Fresh

Shelfwiz is your silent salesperson

Engage returning customers and sell more products

Once you've created a clean, helpful labeling system for your store, regular upkeep will ensure that every time a customer visits, the experience stays fresh and relevant. Shelf talkers can act as silent salespeople, promoting your brand and selling products.

How much change is needed?

Do you have a storefront that is in a high-turnover area frequented by tourists or a loyal customer base with people checking in every week for the latest product or newest read? If the former situation is true, your store can benefit from seasonal updates to create a festive atmosphere or reference current events.

If you have the same customers coming in every week, here are some tips to really draw attention to items they may have missed and create a new experience every time. Even with a high customer turnover, it’s good to experiment to find the best traffic flow and product display layout.

Move displays throughout the store to draw attention to merchandise

This tried-and-true practice will alert your customers that something is new and they should pay attention. Movable displays will help with this. Using them will make it easier to change the traffic flow within your store and facilitate frequent cleaning.

When moving displays around, try creating an eye-catching display up front that people will stop to look at. Pull an item out of its box or a book off it’s shelf and feature it so that people can pick it up and get a good look. Many retailers have learned that round or U-shaped backgrounds create a welcoming environment for customers to stop and consider an item.

It also is helpful to create breaks in long aisles by adding displays that customers can stop and look at. You can then switch the items that you feature in each of these displays as often as needed.

Use shelf talkers as silent sales people

Don’t underestimate the power of signage in drawing attention to items. Individual items can be highlighted with shelf talkers that announce a sale price or a new item that has just been added.

Combinations of items can be grouped together and sold alongside each other on a shelf, with their labels mentioning the fact that they are often purchased together or can be used as a pair or set.

You can also recommend one book or item based on those who liked another, creating a sign that states, "If you enjoyed Book A, you might also like Book B." You can base this on customer feedback, bringing attention to lesser-known books based on the more popular ones.

It is always great to get customers involved. Talk to them about their favorite products and get their recommendations. Then easily create new shelf talkers highlighting this information. Create labels stating that those products are recommended or top-voted.

Ask for quotes or short testimonials, and put them on the shelf talkers. Offering new information on a regular basis will create interest in your products and brand and liven up the shopping experience.

Key Points

  • Change the physical location of your products to offer customers more opportunities to notice them.
  • Use shelf talkers to draw attention to popular items, suggest combinations be sold together, or offer additional information.
  • Engage your customers in determining information for your shelf talkers.

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