Yogibo Furniture

Bright, Bold Yogibo Furniture Stays the Focus of the Showroom

Yogibo is a furniture store whose products are out of the ordinary. Colorful, fun, and sensory, displays of the wares in the showroom are engaging and bold. The background space of the showroom has been intentionally designed to allow the colors of the products to pop against a clean background. This is why Matthew Smigiel, Designer and Marketing Coordinator for Yogibo, chose SHELFWIZ shelf talkers when tasked with designing new pricing signs.

Yogibo uses Shelfwiz

Before the transition, Yogibo was using generic clear plastic sign holders sized 5.5 x 7 inches for everything. They took up too much space on the shelves and stole some of the focus from the products. Using SHELFWIZ products has created a look that makes the family-friendly furniture at Yogibo stand out while providing key information to shoppers. Sale inserts have also been designed that can slide into the unit so that prices and descriptions are all found in one area, resulting in a cleaner look and less administrative work. Now the first thing a customer sees when entering the store are the bright displays.

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